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Christ, but it's a fucking awful week. In the space of a week there's been a shooting in Orlando in a gay bar and in the UK an MP was murdered by a far right terrorist. Combined with This Bloody Referendum and Donald Trump the world feels like a very mean place.

I've been re-reading Salem's Lot in the last week and one of the characters talks about how you can feel that the town's 'gone bad' - the people are still there, but they've changed, and underlying terror comes to the fore. I dunno. It feels like that. There was a wonderful vigil in Soho on Monday night for the victims of Orlando. And at least the referendum campaigning stopped for a few days. We now have five days until the election, when we decide whether or not we're going to stay in the EU. For those abroad not quite following this, basically the prime minister decided to hold a referendum on an incredibly complicated and emotive issue in an attempt to hold off the extreme right-wing of his own party. To say that this has backfired as a strategy does not fully comprehend the unpleasantness of recent weeks.

I am firmly and strongly backing Remain and more or less everyone I know is as well. The polls are incredibly close and I feel really sick about the thought of the Leave vote squeaking it. I mean... I'm in an okay place right now, you know? I even have SAVINGS. I am so privileged. But I don't own any property, I still have a bucketload of money that I owe to the student loan people and I work on a very international industry. I don't like my odds if the economy nosedives. It's been very quiet in work for the last month as it is.

There are some intelligent people making coherent arguments for Leave, but most of the arguments seems to boil down the Jacob Rees-Mogg argument - sovereignity, as though we don't vote in the EU Parliament? - or frankly plain xenophobia and racism against immigrants. Lots of people shrieking that people are Coming Over Here and Using Our Public Services, as opposed to the actual truth that actually the issue is cuts put through by the government. There's also a fringe of people who seem to think that Leave will bring down the government and replace it with some kind of utopia and I wonder what those people think that Boris, Gove and Farage will do to the welfare state.

I dunno. As I said. An unpleasant week.

On the bright side, Richie came home! He is rocking a farmers tan and I have spent the week desperately trying to feed him up. We went out to Lima for dinner last night which was once again epic and awesome. Then we stopped for a drink on the way home and they kept feeding up antipasto. I tipped magnificently to apologise for the amount of mozzarella I ate.

Next week Richie's mum is coming to stay in London for a week. That's a thing.
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