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Hello from the UK, where we have spent the last fortnight in what can only be described as a national tailspin. At the moment the two main runners for PM are both women, which is nice, except one is Theresa 'Quite Possibly A Bond Villain' May and Andrea Leadsom gave an interview this weekend where she cheerfully described childless May as 'probably sad' that she has no kids but, you know, can't possibly have the same stake in the future as people who are mothers.

So that is a thing happening in the background to everything right now. Woo.

In the meanwhile, life... goes on, I suppose. Not much else that can be done, really. Last weekend I went to an ordination for Mary, who is now officially a reverend and is a deacon. She gets the dog collar but can't do the sacraments yet, from what I can tell, and has to be an assistant vicar for a bit. It was a lovely ceremony as far as I can judge these things, which is obviously not that far at all! It took place in St Albans cathedral with Quite A Lot of bishops, so Richie and I decided to hide the fact we knew nothing about the Church of England (or at least I don't past about 1690) by rocking up looking mega formal. It was lovely to hear lots of people singing along passionately with the hymns, though.

Afterwards we went to a party in a church hall before having dinner, Mary resplendent in a cassock. It was... um, a difficult day, actually, with lots of people I don't know, and shoes that fought against me the whole time. Getting home and stripping out of my make up and getting to be quiet for a bit was utter bliss. I had done a lot of networking that week at work as well and it's... tricky, sometimes, having to be On all the time. Ah well.

This weekend was a very different kettle of fish, mind you. After an epic long run in the morning (one thing that is currently brilliant: my ankles are back to full strength and I'm running for really long stretches on Saturdays which is marvellous for my mental and physical health, let me tell you) Richie and I went out and watched a matinee of a play called The Truth which was... very French, I think is a good description? It's a new play that's got very good reviews and I did enjoy it. Afterwards we met up with John and went for drinks and a fairly terrible dinner (although at least there was wine and gossip) and then Richie and I went to see a developing fringe show featuring Margaret Thatcher as a game show host. My life, what even. I ended up on stage at one point holding a shoe and several sets of keys. It was... that kind of day.

Now it is Sunday. I have done very little today except eat and plough my way through Rat Queens (which is brilliant) and the sixth volume of Saga which I was extremely overexcited to finally get my hands on. Tomorrow, back to work. Alas. As everyone goes off to their summer holidays I bed down for two months of covering everyone else. Sigh. But I do have a lot of Seeing All Of The Friends And Having All Of The Fun over the next few weekends to see me through, and that is not to be sniffed at.
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