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First of all: one day I will learn that I simply cannot start dancing on a night out and not proceed to make a fool out of myself but at the same time enjoy it enormously. And then due to endorphins from all the dancing I think yeah, sure, I'll definitely take that shot offered to me and anyway I got home at 2.30am so thank god for the Night Tube is all I'm saying.

Let me rewind a little bit.

I haven't stopped in weeks and weeks. Like, at all. Every weekend I have been to see friends, had people visiting. In order to keep my runs up to date I've been getting up at 5.30am, 6am, 5.00am, to get the training in before work. And I've been keeping up and having wonderful times but argh. I went to see Grandad in a new house a couple of weeks ago, which was at least quiet but another weekend not in my own bed. Bank holiday weekend involved me doing a 10 mile run, which was hideous. It was the same course I did a 10km run on a few months ago but it felt approximately 45C out there and I am genuinely flabbergasted I finished. I felt no elation at the end of it, just a crushing need to curl up on the floor and die, which was problematic as I had to get a bus home. I also fell over when I got home through exhaustion so in retrospect I will start eating breakfast in advance of these things YES I AM AWARE THIS SOUNDS OBVIOUS TO MOST PEOPLE.

Still, that afternoon I hauled myself up to St Albans and had a lovely weekend with Mary in her fab new flat. She was working on the Sunday, obviously, but on Saturday night we went to Ikea to pick up a new armchair. It was the Ikea in Milton Keynes so I am embarrassed to admit it took me the whole route there to realise that of course I knew where it was because it was the one by the stadium! Oops.

The Sunday was a really lovely quiet day, though. I gently drank red wine throughout the day, we ate waffles, Richie and I went for a walk when Mary had to go to work and it was just so deliciously quiet. Restful, really. It was very nearly exactly what I needed, except for the part that I also needed a weekend just to sleep and do all of the jobs that I need to do for my piece of mind. I like having a clean flat, being reasonably on top of the laundry, having my paperwork organised and up to date. And also GET SOME DAMNED SLEEP.

Which leads me to an accidental 2.30am homecoming. Oops. So sleep on Saturday was not really a thing that happened, but hangover related cleaning is something I find surprisingly helpful. Now it is Sunday. The paperwork is not done (boringly I need to transfer some pension funds and do some other bits and bobs) but the house is sparkly and clean. PLUS. I have one week left at work then TWO WEEKS of holiday, where I don't need to deep-clean most of the house because I did it this weekend. Now I am binge-watching Arrow - it's highly forgettable thus far but it's going to cross over with Supergirl so I am committed - and faffing about on the internet and last night I slept for 11 hours and promptly did a 14km run when I woke up and it was glorious.

I am very, very nearly there to being recovered from my Summer O' Busy Times. This time next weekend I may well be all the way there, and then promptly I get to do to Corfu and lie in the sun with a book. BLISS.
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