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Harrumph. )

I warned you it was TMI. Don't go complaining in comments.
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I finished my last pack of Microgynon 30 today. In conclusion?

I have pretty much completely adjusted to the hormones.
I am no longer crushingly depressed or sobbing all the time.
My fairly impressive eating habits have returned to their normal status, i.e. crushing and constant cravings for carbohydrates.
Periods are beautifully predictable for the first time in all my life.
I remembered every single day to take it!
I have, um, slightly bigger breasts. I am not complaining. Just saying.
I am slightly more maternal than normal (sobbed my EYES out at Hollyoaks yesterday).
And, most importantly of all, I am not pregnant.

All in all, the Pill? She is a success, now that I've got used to it and aren't crying all the time. Off to the doctors to get weighed up and all that on Monday - yay for having a generally obese family with high blood pressure! - and then I shall get my big two-pack. I'm oddly excited.

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Well, I'm a week into the second bout of Colleen's Adventures With Microgynon 30 and there's not a lot to report, really. I'm a little more emotional than usual (you've all seen my LJ, let's be honest) and I did find myself crying my eyes out over some fanfiction earlier (and also some rubbish show on BBC3 the other night - can't remember what it was about, but there was a small child IN TEH PERIL and then TEH PERIL ENDED and I cried, ahem) but that's about it.

I think the hormonal effects are decreasing, definitely, which is a good thing. Skin is shot up to hell again, though, so maybe that theory is out of the water, but there we are.

Also: TMI - talk of TEH PERIOD )

You know what? Despite the hormones, ALL PRAISE MICROGYNON 30. Thus far, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Unless you count remembering to take the damned thing - I find it a horrible nd wrong prospect for my family to find my contraception, so it's currently wrapped up in a towel in my suitcase. I need to set a reminder on my phone - I don't see it every morning so I don't remember to take it until about 3pm when I flail a bit and desperately take it going "Oops, that could have been nasty..."

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Quick message just to say that despite everything, the bitching, the crying, the eating, etc, etc, Microgynon 30 Does The Task For Which It Is Assigned as I am officially not pregnant.

Obviously this is not all fun and games but it is a tiny little load off my mind.

And that is all. Proper update, uh, erm, not sure. At some point. Have done little suitable for LJ entry anyway other than re-watch Serenity. Erm.

I'll be over here now. Being not pregnant. Nor having any kind of the traditional period side-effects bar the obvious one. This is a Distinct Bonus.

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Today, I took the last pill in my first cycle of Microgynon 30. Let's review, shall we?

In the past month...

-I have mostly been in an absolutely shocking mood of RAGE. Fortunately, it's been a good month, all things considered, which means I haven't actively killed anyone with my RAGE. BAD THING.

-I had about a week of wanting to cry like a girl and often doing so for no good reason. BAD THING.

-My skin has, in terms of acne, improved. However, my skin has gone very dry and moisturiser gies me spots. Still, they're nowhere as bad as they usually are. GOOD THING.

-At the very beginning, my PMT went backwards and I got some very odd cramps and stuff. BAD THING.

-This has completely disappeared, however, and considering I'm due a period in a few days... GOOD THING.

-I have gone up about half a cup size. NEUTRAL THING. I have yet to decide if I'm pleased with this or not.

-I am eating a lot. BAD THING. It's settled down now, though.

-I got metaquoted! Best side effect EVER! (And on that subject, my sex drive has yet to go away. Because it has been a while. Ahem.)

That seems to be about it, thus far. Fear not, Colleen's Adventure's With Microgynon 30 have yet to disappear because I still have to see how the period will work out. That will be under a cut and PLEASE listen to the warnings next time. I think, though, that might work out okay.

Thank you all for bearing with me.


P.S. No, I'm not in work. There was a long post explaining why, but LJ ate it and the auto-draft feature worked against me. Never mind. Will update about it later. Also the brownies worked out well.
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This is TMI. Erm, sort of. Erm, you just might not want to know. So it's under a cut.

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eta: and it just gets more TMI-y in the comments because hell, I have no shame.I WARNED YOU.
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Today I have been Normal. No, really. I got a little gooey over some babies in the hospital, but I didn't get angry, I didn't get sad, I did the washing up because it needed doing and I had a spare half-hour, not because I had some pathological need to clean.


I know it sounds stupid, and its only a tiny little victory, but this is a positive sign that perhaps I will win the battle with my hormones.

Not doubt tomorrow will be crashingly awful, but this is just to point out that the Pill apparently does not necessarily send me insane all the time. Huzzah!

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Oh dear.

I'm not angry any more, which is a positive thing, or alternatively I've just stopped noticing. I have swung around to Irrational Tears which is so much worse.

I blame my mother.

I sobbed my eyes out after that bloody bloody stupid argument, which I don't normally do EVER. Then I cried at Mickey Blue Eyes. Then I went to bed, and that was okay, and today was going quite well, other than grumpiness and a sort of "eep! workload!"

Now the radio is playing 'Hurt' by Johnny Cash and I'm crying again. For no good reason, it's stupid, and I'm writing about it to try and make it go away. And now it's Coldplay 'Speed of Sound' which also makes me cry because it was my song of summer, the night I passed my driving test and went out in the car by myself for the first ever time.

Also I am eating myself to death but I am eating fruit and also it is a natural reation to stress for me.

Positives to the Pill:

1. As of yesterday, I am now safe for sex without barrier contraception.
2. My skin is, actually, really improving in terms of acne but it geting very dry, which I suspect is more that the heating is constantly on in this house.

Yeah. Could do without the crying it's causing because I'm sat here to myself going "WHY YOU STUPID BINT?" when I have to go and rehearse a comedy play in, argh, twenty minutes...
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The anger has disappeared, mostly, which is good.

My skin appears to be improving. Okay, you wouldn't be able to tell if you weren't, say, me, but I can tell. There's nothing new developing and it's been like that about five days now. Of course, I might just be flukey and lucky, but still, it's a fluke I approve of.

Do not want to be sick. Will hurt Katie in a loving way if I am. As of tomorrow, I am safe to have wanton sex should the mood take me (it's not. Simon gets here in nine days thankyouverymuch) and I will not be safe for seven days after that if I do spend a day or so throwing up. Except I stop taking them in, uh, seven days. Am I still safe after that if I'm not taking the Pill because it is the break time?

Hmmm. Confusion. I should check the leaflet, but I'm only putting all my thoughts down because it's nice procrastination from a gobbet about the Declaration of Independence. I probably shouldn't be using A-Level Politics notes to do so, but there we are. Failure, baby!

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Christ, but I've been getting angry recently. The dance rant was 750 words long before I went "No, wait, this is stupid" and got rid of it. It doesn't take a lot to tick me off at the moment, although mostly it's stuff that annoys me already just making me blow my lid, so I'm not exactly irrational.

The broody thing isn't going. At all.

The hunger thing can be fixed with a cup of tea, I've discovered, because I'm just peckish and tea makes it go away.

Seriously, though, dude, the anger is not funny and I am having to do things like go and calm myself down or listen to happy music because I know I'm being stupid, but it still doesn't stop me from turning into Hulk.

Harrumph. Hopefully, this will not get worse and will go away soon.

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Also, I find myself getting angry or frustrated at stuff that I normally just sigh at and ignore. I am having side effects, also luckily nothing in the way of wanting to cry or anything silly like that.

God, though, I've just had two slices of toast and downed a cup of tea because that's normally a good way of getting rid of pesky hunger, but my stomach is actually grumbling. I am going to have to go and find the mystical thing that I understand is called 'fruit' to try and make the hunger go away. I'm quite healthy in terms of meals. I get close to five a day, etc, etc, because I like vegetables. No, really. Fruit, though, I just find a bit needless, but I'm going to have to start snacking on it.

This is why I gave up biscuits for Lent. The pill is making me so damned hungry that it would be insane to allow myself biscuits.

Also: I appear to have gone insane in terms of conversation. Someone did ask if that's my hormones going nuts, because my sense of humour just went slightly more nuts that it normally does. Maybe, though, it's just the crap I'm consuming at the moment? It is a mystery. Possibly I'm just cracking up and blaming it on hormones.



Mar. 4th, 2006 04:58 pm
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I am unbelieveably broody at the moment. No other side effects, which is pleasent, but oh god I have this unctrollable urge to burst into tears at baby shoes and crap like that.

No, seriously. I was watching The Simpsons last night (you know, Mr Burns, Bobo, Maggie) and Maggie made this noise of baby dejection and I nearly wept.

At The Simpsons ferchrissakes.

Katie laughed at me. "This lasts all month."

I don't even want kids in anything other than a vague sense in the future!

So. I am on a pill to make me not get pregnant, except apparently it makes me want a baby. Gosh, that's useful.


I am making do with cleaning a lot and mothering my housemates. Lucky things. I am also very glad I'm no longher walking home at the time the local primary school gets out, because I did that on Thursday and got a pang of weird desire to have a small well-educated child. Bizarre.
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PMT, but backwards. A week ago, I was nesting, moody and had faint nausea all the time.

NOW IT IS BACK. Seriously, if you asked me to define my body right now and estimate when I would get a period, I would say "oh, tomorrow" because of the way my stomach feels (is it just me that gets that? The sick feeling up to my period is AWFUL) and the fact that I have insane urges to clean. I gave up my lunchtime to clean the kitchen. MADNESS.

Anyway. That is all. I suspect it's the Pill. Most odd.


Oh dear.

Feb. 27th, 2006 05:39 pm
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Today there was a free lunch at the meeting for the School of Languages and god, I ate a lot.

My question is this:

Did I eat so much because

A. I am, in fact, getting some side effects?
B. It was free, and I am a student who cannot afford to eat so free grub is a good thing?
C. I am, in fact, just incredibly greedy and have never noticed until someone told me to keep an eye out?

I would have done a poll, but I'm afraid to know the answer. I may, in fact, just be greedy.

Also: I experienced a completely out of character flash of anger at the washing up not being done and spent the afternoon snapping at people. That, again, could just be irritation at the fact no one had done them despite people being in. It's an ongoing thing. Normally I just sigh and do the dishes, but I actually snapped, which is the unusual part. Also got annoyed because people wouldn't be in for tea when I'd, y'know, some home early to put a casserole in, and that doesn't normally happen because I just leave it in the oven otherwise.

Very peculiar. Seriously, these are things I do not get as annoyed as I did by otherwise. Hmmm.

So, today: some anger at people and appetite on the increase. And it honestly might be that I'm always like this, but I note both these things wih PMT. It's like... PMT. But not going away. Which it should be.

Odd. And possibly worrying. Still, if it stays at the odd flash of anger tempered by usual!Colleen, then it's okay.

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Nothing going on at the moment, but it shouldn't for about an week. However, I think it is important to write down all the stuff I will probably be feeling over the next few months:

-Feeling sick, being sick, and stomach upsets
-Sore breasts
-Depressive moods
-Loss of interest in sex (WHAT THE HELL IS THE POINT, THEN?)
-Changes in weight (oh, god)

Well. This all will be fun, won't it? In the cause of my mini-scientific experiment, kindly tell me if you notice any of this happening to me because I will apparently be so hormonal and angry that I won't notice.

I might end up being happy and fine or I might end up the PMT monster of death. It's a little worrying, to be honest. Katie tells me that she swings from angry to depressed to massively horny and back again so we shallhave to see how I end up. I do get pretty severe PMT and I eat lots at that time of the month so this could be bad.

It's okay if I lose interest in sex, you see, because I will be ANGRY and a STONE HEAVIER. Also, this thing is 21-day cycle. Simon turns up in, um, 20 days or so? And I started this yesterday? *facepalm*

(It's worth pointing out that anything going on right now is all to do wih my actual period which is not of the fun at any time. Next week, now, that'll be interesting.)

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So, took my first pill today because you take them on the first day of your period. They are small and tiny and amuse me slightly, although not feeling it go down when I took them is a new experience for me. It looks as though midday will be my rough time for taking them, which fits in quite nicely to my lifestyle.

It's a very odd feeling. I am now officially a Sexually Liberated Young Woman or some crap like that. Mostly, I'm just like "I'm putting hormones in my body! Weird!" but that's just the novelty of it.

I'm only chronicling today because it's the first one and probably important or something. I doubt it is, really, but I'm going to try and do this properly. Mostly, though, I'm just suffering from a hangover and period pains. *winces*

I need an icon for this so people really know what posts to avoid.


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