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The day: several weeks ago. After a terrible shift at work, I'm legging it to an AltSoc committee meeting. I checked my phone on the run, and I was more concerned with the message re: written off car than the frantic "Colleen, will you pick up your damn phone?! that Sascha had left. Back hurting, moody, I phoned her.


Oh, she said. Doctor Who set, she said. Wanna come?

There was a Children In Need competition; phone up from a landline and be entered to win a tour of the set. Basically, Sasha had won. Needless to say, I howled "YES PLEASE!"

Several weeks of facebook messages back and forth later, I was sat in the carpark of John Burnett Hall, ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

Cast of Characters
Colleen, or, your narrator and heroine.
Sasha, or, the one that phoned up for the Children In Need competition.
Kiru, or, the one that had her number entered by Sascha and actually won.
Sheriden, or, the one that let us use her car.
Cecilia, or, a SatNav

three countries, ten hours )

it's going to move, it's going to move... OH GOD IT MOVED! )

And that, really, was that. We came out and got taken back to the hotel, and then drove back to Liverpool, after dropping Sheriden and Sasha in Bristol. It was only on Sunday Kiru and I finally made it back to Scotland, tired but very, very happy.

Most of the pictures are now up on facebook (public):

First album
Second album

If you can't be arsed clicking there, then at least look at these three photos:Read more... )

Oh, and by the way, there is a chance I may be on telly on Newsround and Children in Need on Friday night.

I am thoroughly aware how lucky I am. This? BEST WEEKEND EVER.


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