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3 day weekends are the best, you guys, I cannot even describe. It's a Sunday night and I have completed my usual weekend tasks of cleaning, shopping, sleeping in, drinking wine and watching nonsense on the telly all with the delightful knowledge that tomorrow I am! also! off work! and all of my chores are done! How exciting.

It's been a busy May. Post food-poisoning, Eurovision did indeed go ahead. Originally it was a small gathering, then it sort of grew when Kirsty asked if her brother and his girlfriend could come over. Of course, I said, and worried that I didn't have enough food, drink, clean enough flat or places for people to sit. Fortunately we got over all of these problems and the group actually clicked extremely well. Overall, a great evening. The next day I ended up going for a drink with Matt, Al and Dobbin, who people will mostly remember from the posts I made in high school and college. Yes, I am very aware that was nearly 14 years ago now. Even weirder, they were out just by my work and I ended up dragging them to the Blackfriar pub as it has tables outside and it's always quiet on a weekend. I sat there drinking cider, about two minutes from where I work, with people I went to school with. Surreal, but good too.

I haven't done much else this month. I feel like I must have done - it's been ages! - but nope, been a quiet month all things considered. Richie is going to France next week for his charity cycle ride, so he's pretty much finishing up doing his training. I will miss him, although I have also booked two days off to revel in the sheer joy of BEING FUCKING ALONE for a bit. Now, don't get me wrong, I love Richie dearly and would be a bereft wreck without him on a permanent basis. I will be desperately missing him by the time he comes back. However, I am going to clear out of the flat as well as going to Ikea for a new bookcase, because books are not on the list of things I am throwing out. (I am assuming I will be able to take this home on the bus. I feel like there's going to be a hilarious comedy of errors in my near future, and that's before I try to assemble the dratted thing..!) I like the idea of spending a couple of days not talking to anyone at all short of 'what do you mean I can't take furniture on this bus'. I know I'm deeply antisocial in that way, but there we go. It's a nice recharge opportunity.

But first, a 4-day week with most of my colleagues being on holiday, so that'll be interesting. Will definitely need my quiet week afterwards!


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