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I need to talk about lots of things at the moment; Eurovision, running, friends visiting. I've been busy in work too.

However, what I've been spending every other free minute doing is bashing out a multi-part series of MCU fanfic. I know. I know. But... I'm prouder of it than anything else I've ever written. I like to check my kudos-per-click percentage on Ao3, and it's about about 24% at the moment. Normally I lurk around the 10% rate. Even 'Kudos', which did really well, was about 11%. I'm not posting it here because the HTML, for me, is really complicated.

So, as part of the overall series of The Court Of Public Opinion, I present:

Title: Specialist
Fandoms: MCU, Daredevil, Jessica Jones
Summary: Trish Walker starts a conversation. J Jonah Jameson fails to end it. Frank Castle doesn’t really care. Luke Cage is an excellent bartender. Foggy Nelson is the vigilante lawyer of choice.

"I'm going to have to talk about it on the show, you know."

Jessica looked up from her drink and raised an eyebrow. "You talk about something on the show every day, Trish. That's the title."

Title: Family Ties
Fandoms: MCU, Daredevil
Summary: Steve Rogers is better at social media than you would think. Claire Temple makes poor drink choices. Sam Wilson has strong opinions on geography. Laura Barton is tired. Natasha Romanov is not a romantic heroine. Foggy Nelson is still the vigilante lawyer of choice.

Thank you for your enquiry for Hogarth, Chao, Benowitz and Nelson. Due to high workloads, Mr Nelson is unable to respond to public emails soliciting his attention. Your enquiry will be passed on to our highly-qualified pool of lawyers...

It's been an odd two weeks, basically.

Oh yeah - in the second one, there's an entire well-crafted cocktail menu. There are puns and everything. I am the greatest or I have finally gone too far. One or the other.
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So I have seen Age of Ultron! And I have seen all of Daredevil! And I have lots of complicated feelings on them both, mostly focussed around Clint Barton, Natasha Romanov and Wilson Fisk NOT LIKE THAT and not in that order. So I ignored all of that and wrote this.

Title: Coda
Author: [livejournal.com profile] hathy_col
Summary: Not all of the MCU were involved in fighting Ultron. Doesn't mean they weren't paying attention. (or: five post credit scenes we will never see. probably.)
Rating: Gen
Disclaimer: I own nothing!

Fic under the cut. )

AO3 link here


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